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When I needed a person to work with my professional clients on a professional level, I had to look no further than Erica Gardner with Gardner Gray Interiors. She is very knowledgeable in construction and can walk a client through the rough spots of any project. Her calm approach allows clients to relax and be able to concentrate on the task at hand. She then takes the clients through smooth transitions in selections resulting in creative outcomes that have won me and her much repeat business. It is a real pleasure working with a true professional who is dedicated, punctual, straight forward and budget conscious. I highly recommend Erica to any builder who wants to increase his customer satisfaction.

Sergio Grado, GMB/CGP/CGR/CAPS

Erica Gardner makes things happen! She has an incredible gift for asking all the right questions in order to provide you with exceptional results. She gently guides your thought processes to help you discover your true wants and needs. In doing so, she balances beauty, budget and function most effectively. I have had the pleasure of working with Erica on both home and business ventures. She makes the journey fun and exciting. She inspires great confidence with her knowledge, perspective and ability to attract top-notch subcontractors. In short, Erica Gardner has earned my deepest respect, admiration and appreciation for the services she has rendered over the years.

Carin J. Solomon, D.D.S.

Erica Gardner is a top-notch professional designer able to see the larger picture and break it down to comfortable-size pieces for everyone involved. Having worked with Erica for over 10 years, I have regularly witnessed her ability to listen to the customer with understanding and compassion and then produce a finished product tailored to the customers' life style, often with insight beyond that of the customers themselves. Her attention to detail, organization skills, knowledge and caring always creates a comfortable job site for the clients and workers making working through any rough spots during a construction project a "win-win".

Larry Martin, Contactor

We have worked with Erica on three of our homes. Each time she has worked her magic to make each home become so much better than what we bought and reshuffled our belongings into totally different arrangements! Erica's up-front pricing based on knowledge/time is unique among designers. She can do anything! I have witnessed numerous times the respect subcontractors have for her knowledge of the building process. Erica is very organized. You can always reach her and her follow-through is superb. We have worked with Erica on numerous projects and we have always been very satisfied customers. Everything she does looks unique and different depending on the environment.

Sally Wasserman

As a realtor, I have worked with Erica on many projects. She is always positive, tactful, and sensitive to the needs and emotions of my clients as they prepare to transition from their current homes into their next homes. She has an unmatched eye for detail, design and space utilization. When time has been short, she has always leapt into thoughtful action to make sure things happen within the time constraints.

Her staging of properties and homes has positively impacted the quick sale of homes at a much higher price than they would have sold for without her guidance. Erica has an intrinsic understanding of people in all walks of life, thus making them always comfortable in their presence. Her ability to "pick up" on what it is that people see in their heads when they are envisioning their "dream scheme" never ceases to amaze me. I believe it is her unique background in the sciences and business that makes her one-of-a-kind as an interior designer. My business would not be as successful without her.

Janell Callihan, Multi-Million Producer, Keller Williams Realty

It has been my privilege to work with Erica Gardner as a photographer and artist over the past 6 years. I am always impressed with her impeccable attention to detail, time management and her ability to bring the personality of her client into every design. While every interior is different, Erica always brings the continuity of logic and function to the spaces she works on.

Kathleen O. Ryan Fine Art Photography